Voluntary fishing net ban around St Bees

Seabirds nesting on the cliffs at St Bees Head, Whitehaven

The NWIFCA (North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority) is working with Natural England and RSPB to call for a voluntary ban on the use of fishing nets around St Bees Headland.

While it’s not common, there have been reports in previous years of birds getting caught in nets.  The voluntary Code of Practice will help to avoid this distressing situation.

The Code of Practice include a ban on the use of nets from 1st March until 15th July.  This covers the main breeding season for razorbills, guillemots and other sea birds which flock to the cliffs at St Bees to lay eggs on the sheer cliff faces.  When these birds dive in search of food they can potentially become caught in fishing nets.  The ban may be extended depending on when the chicks fledge so the NWIFCA and Natural England will continue to monitor the situation throughout the 2018 breeding season.

For more information visit the NWIFCA website.

One thought on “Voluntary fishing net ban around St Bees

  1. […] The team visited Whitehaven to hear about what inspired local born artist Percy Kelly and also spent some time on the cliffs of St Bees with the RSPB hearing (and also seeing and smelling!) about the seabird colonies and why they find the sheer cliffs so ideal for nesting.  They also headed out onto the sea to learn about the voluntary netting ban which we’ve written about in our last post. […]


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