Heritage Coast extension

In 2015 the National Trust and Colourful Coast partnership saw the opportunity to open discussions with relevant authorities regarding a potential extension to the St Bees Heritage Coast north towards Whitehaven.  The aim was to take this forward through the Copeland Site Allocations Development Plan Document, including defining an extended area for the Heritage Coast.  After an initial site visit Natural England confirmed they would be willing to consider a proposal for extension.  Consultants were commissioned to produce the relevant evidence base in autumn 2016.  In the process of preparing the evidence base the consultants made site visits to the area and held two workshop sessions with the National Trust, Natural England, Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria County Council to discuss progress.  The evidence base report was formally submitted to Copeland Borough Council and Natural England for their consideration in January 2017.  It is expected that Copeland Borough Council will include the proposed extension in their Site Allocations DPD and take the proposals through formal consultation in this manner.  A decision on whether the extension is successful is expected towards the end of 2018 at the earliest.

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Read the complete St Bees Heritage Coast Extension evidence base report