The Candlestick

All that remains of the Wellington Pit which dominated the harbour in the nineteenth century. It is the original boiler house chimney of Wellington Pit dating from the late 1830’s.  These boilers stood on the middle terrace of the site (where the still visible No. 3 shaft remains) until they were replaced in the 1860s.


When Harrington No. 10 Pit closed in 1968 a programme of shaft and adit filling was implemented to prevent gas migrating through the interconnected No. 10, William and Wellington Pits and reaching Haig.  After Wellington and Haig were isolated from each other, No. 3 shaft was left open to allow gas to vent.  The decision was made not to erect pipe above the shaft but to utilise the old boiler flue and chimney of the Candlestick by laying a pipe from beneath the shaft cap to the base of the chimney to vent gas this way.  Wellington Pit was the site of Whitehaven’s largest mining disaster when 136 miners lost their lives in 1910.